The person best fit to love you is not the one who makes your heart beat the fastest but the one who says your name the loudest, the one who is not embarrassed
of the watermarks, the bruises, or the acne.
It’s not the one who spills out your name like confetti but the one who sets it aflame like a firework, not the one who plays
your body like piano keys but the one who can make music out of your lips.
He is the one who can fall asleep in the crevice of your collarbone without moving your hand anywhere else except your pillow,
who thinks your skin is softer than sky and who never makes empty
promises, only ones spilling out over the surface of glass,
never makes you clean up the mess.
The person best fit to love you is not the one who wants to shape you, fix you, or conquer you but the one who
says your soul is like a story they read once when they were a child and they never forgot it.
The one you are meant to fall in love with will be the strongest connection, the biggest thought in your brain, and the veins in your wrist -
not that you can’t live without them, but you would just prefer not to.
The person you are meant to fall in love with is not an alarm clock set to six o’clock or a ticking time bomb but a patient mother nursing a sick child, a melody played together with harmony or
the beautiful rhythm of movement that only exists between you and only you.
The person best fit to love you is not the one who wants to change you
but thinks that your mouth is the biggest
pulsing temptation that they have ever come across,
they will love your elusiveness, I promise you, they won’t want to dull the razor blades under your skin or even take it away from you, they will sharpen it so it will cut through ice,
it will cut through metal, I promise you, the person best fit to love you will not change the colour of your skin or make falling in love
all too familiar.
The person best fit to love you is not a lucky penny on the sidewalk, that’s not rare enough,
they are a four-leaf clover hidden beneath the tundra, they are about as likely as being attacked
by a great white while swimming in Lake Ontario.
The person best fit to love you will play the music of your love without the thick concealer of auto tune, their voice
will be a song you will never want to stop singing.
The person best fit to love you is not the extra shot of gin or the condom in the alleyway.
The person best fit to love you is a shard of glass, I promise you.
They might cut you open but reflecting upon the light,
god, they are so stunning to look at.
Victoria L. (via distincts)
It’s beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind. Someone that wants to undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts. Someone that wants to watch you slowly take down all the walls you’ve built up around your mind and let them inside.
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The best part about finding someone you truly love and care for, is having the ability to now try and make all of THEIR dreams come true instead of your own. You want to see them smile, you crave the sound of their laugh. You’re constantly trying to find ways to make their lives a little bit easier, all the while expecting nothing in return but their happiness and the knowledge that you’re the one who created it.